A downloadable game for Windows

Update 2:Added another portrait and some map and sprite issues got fixed

Update 1:Added 2 portrait pictures of the main character for the side panel, removing the placeholders. More minor tweaks to come.

Game made for Strawberry Jam 2 by Coldest and Pureguy . Our decision to start working on a game coincided with the announcement of the jam so we figured we might as well enter it. It's currently very unpolished as we couldn't fit everything we wanted to in time - we will try to improve on it and fix all the wrong stuff soon.  Please ignore the Patreon button for now, we had included it for future usage outside the jam and kinda forgot to take it out.

You control a naked and vulnerable angel girl after her fall from heaven to a sinful world of monsters and men. Help her make it out of the dungeon in one piece.

Movement - Arrow keys or WASD

Sword attack: Z        -  also used for menu selection

Magic attack:X    - needs mana to work

Art by PureGuy, code by Coldest


Feather Fall - unpolished jam edition.exe 11 MB
Feather Fall update 2.exe 11 MB

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